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GTXCG51016 Multifunction Electric Delivery Bed

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GTXCG51016  is a new product designed base on the human engineering. It can automatically change from a hospital bed into a delivery bed. It is equipped with a raise/down assist platform. An electronic balance and a CD player can also fitted as optional accessories. The bed leads to a new concept of delivery.

Main Feature

1)        The key parts of the beds adopt world famous products which have quite reliable quality.

2)        The logical design and advanced technology make the bed a superior delivery bed in the world.The operation is convenient.

3)        Users can easily change it from a hospital bed to a delivery bed.

4)        The footrest can be separately open or closed according to the status of lying-in woman or to fit the labor proceeding.

5)        The adjustment of the back section and footrest will realize varies lying positions. e.g. supine position, sitting position, lateral position, semi-reclining position, kneeling-squatting position, facedown position.

6)        All the new functions and superior operation way make the bed a best choice to the hospitals.

Technical Parameters:

1)        Bed dimension: Length 2000mm, width 920mm

2)        Assist platform dimension: Length 500mm Width 540mm

3)        Assist platform lifting distance: 110mm

4)        Min. & Max. table height: 590mm~1000mm

5)        Back section turning: down ≥5°, up ≥65°

6)        Seat section turning: ≥20°

7)        Leg section swing out: ≥30°

8)        Leg section adjusting: ≥20°

9)        Leg section sliding: 60mm

10)     Footrest folding:≥35°

11)     Footrest folding: ≥45°

12)     Guard rail turn over: 180°

Standard Accessories:

1)        Sliding platform for newborn baby 1 piece;  

2)        Guardrail 1 pair   

3)        Pillow (Low elasticity)  1 set ; 

4)        Soft bed cushion 1 set

5)        Foot Switch 1 piece;

6)        Seat Cover 1 piece

Optional Accessories:

1)        Electronic balance 1 set 

2)        CD player 1 set

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