Multi-Purpose Medical Examination Chairs For Gynaecological Operating Room Tables

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  • Brand   GTX
  • Type   GTX-GC20067
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Gynecological Examination Bed is a new, innovative and practical product with easy operation and chic style. The control system is completed with an electric handspike; the height of back and buttocks can be overall dislocated for 40°; the foot stand can be rotated to any angle;
 the forehead adopts machinery manual adjusted. The bed surface and pillow are formed by the polyurethane foam cushion, and can be easily discharged for cleaning and disinfection. There's scroll under the backboard which is reserved for medics' operation.
Its single-column support frame brings enough space for medical operation. Colposcopy frame can be added on both sides according to customer's demands. The hideaway contamination box is placed under the bed body for easy disposing.


The table top,made of double-decker plastic plate.


•X-ray examination may be carried out on it while the operation.
•It's raising,lowing,lateral tilt reversed trendelenburg and trendelenburg movement,back section bending are all controlled by electrically.
It's adjustment easy,performance is reliable.
Main Technical Parameters:

•Trendelenburg :>=25 degree
•Reversed Trendelenburg :>=25 degree
•Lateral Tilt:>= 15 degree
•Back Section Raised from the Horizontal: >=45 degree
•Back Section Lowered from the Horizontal: >=15 degree
•Head Section Raised  from the Horizontal: >=45 degree
•Head Section Lowered   from the Horizontal: >=90 degree
•Leg Section Lowered from the Horizontal: >= 90 degree
•Leg Section Opened:>=90 degree
•Kidney Bridge Elevation:>=100mm

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