Head Controlled Surgical Operating Table Multi - Purpose For Medical Operation Tables

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  • Brand   GTX
  • Type   GTX-OT043
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1. This operation theatre table with c-arm are compactly designed and sturdily constructed, and may be raised or lowered hydraulically by means of an oil pump. They are suitable for surgical procedures of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen, perineum and extremities as well as for gynaecological, obstetrical, urological and oto-rhino-laryngological operations. Various positions can be quickly and safely adjusted.

2. The electric traction table of the controlling devices, hand wheels and crank handles are mounted at the head-end of the table. All positions of the table are controlled entirely from the head-end. The table is double dimensions. X-ray examination can be available during the operation.Chassis inside & outside cover are stainless steel .


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