Detachable Leg Boards Simple Operation Surgical Operating Table / Long - Term Reliability

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  • Brand   GTX
  • Type   GTX-OT050
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Quick Detail:


      1) Surgical staff and C arm is easily access to it

2) The electro operation table has  Simple operation, easy maintenance, long-term reliability and durability

3) The electro hydraulic operating table has the Separate detachable leg boards

        Double leg boards can be horizontally and vertically positioned

4) Memory foam

5) Electric longitudinal translation of bed surface

       290mm longitudinal translation function and x-                          ray fluoroscopic bed surface provide excellent fluoroscopic function for the whole body of patients,

only by pressing translation bottom without moving patients.

6) The electrically hospital operation tables has the Optional x-ray bearing pad group

General standard sizes 14〃*17〃 and 14〃*11〃 x-ray light cassettes can be inserted into this bearing pad group, containing irradiation positions required

for head, feet and the whole body.

7) Computerized manual conroller

Provide stable and precise operations

8) Excellent transmission pole mechanism

Safely and stably provide changeover between longitudinal and transverse inclined positions of bed surface

      9) T-shaped pedestal




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