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GTXCG51020 Multifunction Electric Delivery Bed

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  • Brand   GTX Price:USD4150
  • Type   GTXCG51020
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  • GTXCG51020 LDR bed is designed base on the concept of family accompanying delivery. It has got 5 national patents including an exterior patent. The driven and control system use imported motors which are safe, reliable, easy operated and with low noise. Both families and nurses can operate it. The bed can be equipped with a CD player to relax the lying-in women.

Main Feature:

  • The bed can be equipped with a CD player to relax the lying-in women.
  • Bed head end and guardrail are made of high strength plastic, which have nice appearance. They can be assembled or detachable easily.
  • Bed height is adjustable electrically; the back section upward, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg are electric controlled too. Leg section is removable. There is filth basin under the seat, it is easy to adjust the position of lying-in women and help delivery process by combining use of the leg holder, assistant table and foldable footrest.
  • The bed is dirt free, easy cleaned. The central brake provides the bed a better stability.

Technical Parameters:

  • Bed dimension including bed end and bumper wheel: Length 1930mm, width 940mm
  • Bed dimension: Length 1815mm, width 780mm
  • Min. & Max. table height: 620mm~860mm(exclude the cushion)
  • Back section turning: ≥60°
  • Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg: reverse trend≥5° trend≥8°
  • Seat section turning: -12°~32°
  • Foot rest swing out: ≥45
  • Foot rest folding: ≥45
  • Handrail up/down movement: 360mm
  • Castor Diameter: 150mm

Standard Accessories:

  • Leg holder  1 pair
  • Filth Basin  1 piece
  • I.V. Stand 1 piece
  • Hand control 1piece
  • Power cord 1 piece

Optional Accessory

  • CD player 1 set
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