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Dental Chair

2015-5-27      View:
  • Brand   GTX
  • Type   GTX-DC4065
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1.New halogen cold light,yellow light,suitable for long time operation with dental chair.

2.Unique rotary unit box,it's convenient position for dentists.

3.New rotatable ceramic spittoon,and the spittoon enough depth,spill,easy to clean.

4.Linkage chair,classical double arm,comfortable backrest,let patients at easy.


1.This dental chair is without memorry;
2.Back position with negative angle compensation function;
3.With ABS draw plastic shell;
4.Ceramic unit box and ceramic spittoon both can be rotated;
5.Handpiece,syringe,scaler,curing light tubes both used silicone tubes;
6.Air and water tube both used PVC tubes;
7.PU leather cushion,directly with alcohol;

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