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Medical Dental Chair Hospital Furniture and Medical Equipment

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  • Brand   GTX
  • Type   GTX-DC4071
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Name: Complete electric dental chair

Overpull type instrument tray. The unit box is 90° Rotatable. The dental unit is controlled by both main control and assistant control. With the preset, cut fulling and reset function. The foot control has the function of crumb blowing. The unit box is made of sophisticated hard PU material. Fully controlled by computer system. The magnetic headset can be moved up and down which is suitable for the patients of different size

1. Electronic Control panel on the instrument tray 2.4-hole instrument hose 3 pcs
3.3-way syringe 1 pc 4. Intra X-ray film viewer 1 pc
5. Integrated ceramic cuspidor 6. Rotatable assistant holder
7. Clean water system 1set 8. Water heater system
9. Saliva ejector 1 pc 10. Air suction (with filter) 1 pc
11. Foot controller 1 pc

1. Patient chair
2.24V safe low-voltage motor driven
3. Pre-Programmable position for all function
4. Left armrest 1 set
5. Right armrest 1 set
6. Seamless upholstery
7. Joystick foot controller 1 set
8. Headrest for adult and children


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