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Primary health care reform give Chinese respondents

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2009 start of the new medical reform, the core idea is to basic health care system as a public good to all people. The end of 2011, three years of health reform implementation plan focus is about to expire, to explore whether health care reform has been effective?

Medical Reform spent the money I see the doctor less

Yong Zhu, Yuzhong District, the wife of residents suffering from chronic appendicitis, in large hospitals opened 400 yuan prescription. Zhu Yong took the prescription back to the community health service center doctor, the doctor told him the same medicine in the community just 59 yuan.

Yongxiu County, Jiangxi Province, the white town of Xiangyang Village Cha 7 months according to Sheng Chiu suffering from congenital heart disease, I heard that surgery costs around 60,000 yuan, the father Qiu Zongxiang dared to operate on children. Jiangxi rural health reform this year so that children receive free medical treatment of congenital heart disease, Xiao Zhao served in Jiangxi Children's Hospital to do the surgery. "Without such a good policy can really be a life." Qiuzong Xiang said.

Two people from the grassroots level, because the implementation of the new medical reform, medical care to spend a lot less money. According to "basic, strong grass-roots, building mechanism" reform path arrangement, starting with primary health care reform began, so that the grassroots people, the priority vulnerable groups in society to enjoy the results of medical reform. In this process, several basic public health care products continue to promote development, has begun to take shape, many urban and rural populations will benefit from:

Basic medical insurance system - covering 95% of urban and rural residents reached 1.295 billion people, a universal basic health insurance system framework of the formation;

Basic drug system - the initial formation of the basic drug production, distribution and use of operating system, the price dropped more than 30% before the reform;

Basic public health services - 400 million rural residents enjoy free basic public health services, significantly improved the level of equalization;

Basic health care services - every village has clinics, township and hospitals, each county has standard county hospitals, urban and rural basic medical service system basically formed;

National Development and Reform Commission deputy director, Office of the State Council, Sun Zhigang, health reform, said: "Primary health care reform so that the level of protection of basic health care, service capacity, operational efficiency, raise the level of service equalization, essential drugs prices fall, people get the benefits, primary medical staff are encouraged to reform the people had. "Peking University professor Li Ling that the National Development Research Institute, primary health care reform in the reform of public hospitals to provide a breakthrough experience.

"China's speed rare in the world."

In May, the British medical journal "Lancet" published an article, China's national basic medical insurance system is "the most extensive coverage of the planet's health insurance program," "There is no other country can achieve this in 5-6 years kinds of achievement. "

WHO Health Systems Development Team Leader Pei Shanrui evaluation system for essential drugs mentioned, the world no country in such a short period of time to start such a large scale drug system reform, "the initial impact of the policy is very great. drugs decreased the average price of about 25%, improve public welfare. "

Dean, School of Public Health, Peking University, said Meng Qingyue, primary care health system reform to achieve two fundamental changes: funding mechanisms from drug dependent doctors to multi-party financing, anti-light function to switch to heavier health prevention.

The evaluation of health care reform is not empty and lying, and more based on medical reform itself and the complexity of China's national conditions. Health care reform is a worldwide problem, look at the world, many countries are making health care reform, such as the United Kingdom, United States, but each country's reform model can not as there is no one model can be completely copied, used to use. The face of China's most populous developing country's national conditions, China's medical reform is more complex. However, our government against all odds, strongly promote the health reform to tackle tough, the starting point is the Waste Management people, the core idea is to basic health care system as a public good to all people.

From the practice of more than two years to answer medical reform challenges, the Chinese respondents are given a grass-roots, creating a "Chinese speed." Recently, these achievements have been the World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan praised her analysis the success of the reasons that the advantages of China's political and social systems, strong leadership and coordination mechanism, and continuously enhance the comprehensive national strength, and the scientific evidence and medical reform pilot, let the direction in line with national conditions and practical needs, and public and community concern and support, has been formed to promote the smooth progress of medical reform and the social atmosphere of the mass base.

"Next, we will reinforce and improve the primary results of the reform, highlighting the county hospital reform, improve universal basic medical insurance system, while promoting the development of qualified personnel, drug production and distribution system reform and other reform, medical reform so that the results benefit all the people." Sun Zhigang said.