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hospital bed--Bed turnover rate

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1 . The total number of bed-days actually open : daily subjects during the year to the hospital beds at night 12:00 open sum , whether the bed is occupied by the patient should be taken into account. Including disinfection and small repairs suspended beds , more than half of the bed . Excluding expansion or overhaul and disabled ward beds and temporary additional bedshospital bed

2 . Actual total occupied bed days: refers to the hospital the night 12:00 daily subjects actually occupied beds ( ie, the number of hospitalizations daily evening 12:00 ) combined. Including the actual occupation of temporary beds included. 12:00 that night after hospital admission or for any reason before the death of patients discharged as actually occupied bed one day for statistics, statistics should also be " discharged by total occupied bed days ," one day , the number of admission and discharge of a person .

hospital bed
3 . Those discharged total occupied bed days: refers to all persons discharged from inpatient bed days combined. Including normal childbirth, not outputs hospital , hospital discharge after inspection disease , untreated discharges and healthy people performing abortions or sterilizations for those discharged from hospital after a normal bed days .

4 . Mean open beds = actual opening total bed days / year calendar days ( 365 ) .

5 . Occupancy rate = actual number of total occupied bed days / total bed days for the actual opening X100%.

6 . Bed turnover times = Discharged / Average number of open beds .

7 . Total occupied bed days = actual number of bed-days / mean open beds .

hospital bed
8 . The average length of stay = discharge those discharged total occupied bed days / hospital discharges .