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medical furniture anuary-July cumulative export value...

2012-5-23      View:

medical furniture  January-July cumulative export value, exit 13.239 billion-dollar seats and parts thereof, furniture export value (the same below) 43.57%; wooden furniture exports $ 6.761 billion, accounted for 22.25%; export metal furniture US $ 5.226 billion, 17.2%; other materials to make furniture and furniture parts US $ 4.19 billion, accounted for 13.79%; 416 million dollars export plastic furniture, accounted for 1.37% And medical furniture exports us $ 263 million, accounted for 0.86%; export Spring mattress $ 202 million, accounted for 0.67%; export dental, Barber Chair, and parts of 68 million dollars, accounted for 0.22%; exit the bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture and similar materials $ 25 million accounted for 0.08% (Figure 4). 9 major categories of goods mentioned above, only wood furniture and the expansion than plastic furniture, respectively increased by 0.82% and January-June---medical furniture