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electric bed Basic functions

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First, the lifting function 1 , bedside bed end synchronous lifting : 1.1 height according to medical and clinical needs, in the range 1-20cm space arbitrarily adjust the bed height ; 1.2 increases the ground and the bottom of the bed space, easy compact X-ray , clinical examination and treatment of the instrument base insertion ; 1.3 for easy maintenance personnel check on the maintenance of the product ; 1.4 nurses to facilitate the handling dirt . 2 , after l left anterior descending ( ie, end of the bed headboard l drop ) in the range of 0 ° -11 ° tilt arbitrary , facilitate and related cardiovascular patients critically ill patient's clinical examination, treatment and care. 3 , the first rose and then dropped ( ie lower end of the bed headboard l ) 4 , in the range of 0 ° -11 ° tilt arbitrary , convenient for critically ill patients and associated postoperative examination, treatment and care ( eg : suction, washed stomach , etc. ) .
electric bed
Second, in addition to flat sit lie down function , the bed back in the range of 0 ° -80 ° any lift , leg plate in the range of 0 ° -50 ° arbitrarily drop liters. Select suitable patients in bed ups angles to meet meal , medicine , drinking water , feet, reading newspapers , watching TV and moderate physical exercise needs. Third, turning around functional style three-point arc stand designed to allow patients in the range of 0 ° -60 ° either right or left turn , to prevent bedsores generation . There are regular turning and when you need to turn over two kinds .

electric bed
Fourth, relieve themselves function 4.1 embedded toilet, mobile toilet lid , toilet flapper front , hot and cold water tanks , water heater , hot and cold water distribution system , built-in hot air , plug-in hot air , hot and cold water guns and other components to form a complete system to relieve themselves . 4.2 Semi- disabled patients ( hemiplegia, paraplegia, ANNUAL frail , to be restored after the patient ) can be done with the help nurses to relieve themselves , flushing , hot water overcast , hot air drying and other series of actions ; also be patient with one hand a key operation, automatically relieve themselves of all programs ; additionally designed a urine monitoring and alarm functions , for the total loss of energy and relieve themselves unconscious patient , nursing bed can automatically monitor and handle , completely solve the problem of the patient bed, toilet .

electric bed
Five , shampoo , foot auxiliary function due bedridden , muscle, blood vessels are squeezed reasons , disability , half of patients with lower limb disability tend to slow the flow of blood . Chief of feet can often effectively lower extremity arteries , accelerate blood circulation , the restoration of health is very helpful. And regular shampoo can make the itching in patients with blood, kept clean , but also enable them to maintain a pleasant mood , and enhance the confidence and fight disease .Specific operational procedures : sit , will be inserted in the special feet stand on the pedals , the basin of hot water into the humidity , we can patients feet per day ; remove the pillows and mattress below the head , put a special washbasin , basin bottom water pipes pass through holes on the backplane shape , into the sewage bucket , open the card on top of the moving bed hot water nozzle ( nozzle hose and bucket of hot water outlet of the pump , the pump plug Insurance with three-hole socket connected ) , the operation is very simple, convenient, a nurse can independently accomplish the patient's shampoo.electric bed